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Having the most beautiful e-commerce website, high-quality products, reliable payment options, and efficient shopping cart software does not automatically translate to sales. Getting sales starts with directing traffic to your e-commerce store and converting them into sales. It doesn’t just end there; you have to turn that traffic into repeat business to be in the game for the long term. Most e-commerce website owners achieve this by using loyalty programs. Customers will repeatedly buy from you if they feel that they will be getting good deals on your store and great discounts on products. 

Now, by definition a coupon is a ticket or document offered by a manufacturer or a retailer to a customer to increase the company or retail outlet’s sales. The customer can redeem the coupon for a financial discount or rebate when buying a product. The following are the benefits of using coupons as a sales promotion strategy on your e-commerce store:

a)   Acts as a magnet to attract customers to your e-commerce platforms

The aim of starting a business is to make sales. And not just to make sales, but to make a ton of sales. This is only possible if you can cajole a ton of customers to buy from you. One way of doing that is using coupons. Let’s face it; when most people go out there to shop, the price is the number one factor they consider. And they will gravitate towards e-commerce stores that offer discounts on their favorite products. So if you can introduce coupons on your site, you are guaranteed of getting more customers to buy from you.

b)   Coupons can increase your e-commerce platform’s sales in a shorter timescale

Getting a ton of qualified traffic to your site using coupons almost always leads to increased sales.  The good thing is that the traffic will not only improve sales for the discounted products but also other products on your site. For example, a customer may come to your e-commerce store after seeing your coupon promotion, but find a product that they have yearned for in a long time. They will not pass up the opportunity to buy that product. That’s how coupons can ramp up your e-commerce store sales.

c)    Coupons allow you to get rid of slow-moving or dead stock on your e-commerce platforms

You may order stock items that are slow moving or are not moving at all. Deadstock and slow-moving stock hold your capital, which should be moving and generating profits. The best way to get those stock items is to coupon them. Coupons always attract bulk buying, and so, those stock items could be cleared out in a matter of days to allow you to order new fast moving items.

d)   Offering coupons on your e-commerce website can enhance your reputation

Some businesses choose to provide coupons to special groups of people in the society, for example, the elderly, the military personnel, the less fortunate and so on. This act might enhance your business reputation with the community and garner you loyal customers who will buy from you for as long as your business exists.

e)   Helps e-commerce websites meet their sales goals

Almost all e-commerce platforms set sales goals for the month or year. If these companies reach the last quarter and find that they will not be able to meet their sales goals, a coupon can help drive those sales.


Many e-commerce website owners are increasingly including coupons in their sales promotion strategies. They have discovered that coupons can dramatically turn your business around if you create enough awareness. If you are not using coupons yet, start implementing them from today and see your business grow exponentially.